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All 36 Lenormand coins but with a little oeps vibe to it …

The reason? Well my cat, Finn, decided to put his whiskers into some the drying coins. And apparantly we have a slightly drafty home… Who new…  So some of the coins have ‘wrinkles’  You can see the coins clearly, only when they catch the light you see the imperfections. (see picture)

Since I’m not completely satisfied with them myself, they will get an ‘oeps price’ 🙂

These are my ‘Silhouette Coins’ They are very minimalistic to read with. There are no distractions what so ever. They are pure and simple.

Each coin is +/- 2.5 cm in diameter. The base of the coins is metal colour.

This set somes in the box shown in the picture.

I do want to stress out this item is hand made. So small imperfections are possible. Like for example tiny airbubbles, just to name something. If you are a person who can’t handle imperfections, great, but this product is not for you. No hard feelings 🙂

I’m just saying, small imperfections are not eligible for refund or reasons to request a return.  😉